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Preordering Synthesizers

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There are a lot of great new synthesizers coming out like the Behringer MS-101, Behringer Vocoder VC340 and the Novation Summit. The problem is they seem to fly off the virtual shelves of online music stores way to fast. In some cases the most popular synthesizers sale out within days such as the Behringer MS-101.

So does this mean we should preorder our favorite gear in order to be the first to have it available in our studios? Or should we wait and see what the synthesizer is like while others test it out and notify the companies of need fixes?

After all waiting for the bugs to be worked out could take some time and the wait on new batches to come out on a particular synthesizer model has proven extreme in some cases.

Int the video below, I ask the question, “Should We Preorder Synthesizers?”

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