Mon. May 17th, 2021

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Behringer Arp Odyssey On Way to Stores

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Beh;ringer Arp Odyssey
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Behringer is already shipping out its clone of the Behringer Arp Odyssey. and it will feature a few new additional goodies that the original and the re-issues do not. New features include onboard digital effects and a 64 note sequencer. Behringer has also included USB/MIDI implementation.

Behringer released the following statement today via:
Odyssey here we come…

We have now produced the first batch and Thomann even decided to air-freight some in so you should be seeing the Odyssey in stores soon. The production is now in full swing and we’re expecting another large badge by end of month.

I like to apologize for the delay. Here is the reason:
Once we handed out samples to our trusted beta testers, they came back with some valuable suggestions how to further improve the unit and we decided to rather wait and integrate those mods.

This is now done and we’re very excited to finally ship the unit.

Thank you for your patience.


The biggest question now is which stores will be the first to receive the Behringer Arp Odyssey?

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