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Behringer Renames MS-101

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Behringer MS-1
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Behringer renames yet another one of their clones. First it was the Behringer RD-8’s and the Behringer RD-9’s. They were originally named Behringer RD-808 and Behrigner 909. Now they are renaming the Behrigner MS-101 to the Behringer MS-1.

Below is a video that explores the reasons why Behringer maybe doing the renaming of their synthesizer clones. Especially since they already sold some of the Behringer MS-101’s.

Remember that the Behringer MS-101 is a clone of the Roland SH-101 and some think it is Roland protecting their trademark as to why Behringer has renamed the Behringer MS-101.

What ever the reasons for renaming their synthesizers it still a fact that Behringer is leading the market to a whole new world and synthesizer enthusiasts are very happy!

I have owed the original Roland SH-101 in which the Behrigner MS-101 is cloned after and to my ears there is very little difference. The only difference I can think of in terms of sound would be the fact that the Behrigner MS-101 is made with brand new parts whereas the Roland SH-101’s have aged over the years and that contributes to some of their sound character.

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