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Warm Up Synthesizers

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Warm Audio WA273
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For years I was looking to the synthesizer to give me the warmth in my tracks that I could hear in professional’s music. I was wrong to only look at the synthesizer. Analog synthesizers are great for adding warm color to your music however there is much more to it than just that. Transformers are also a great way to add color and warmth too!

Warm Audio WA273

I found that by running my synthesizers and just about ever other instrument through a Warm Audio WA273 preamp I am able to not only get warmer tracks but more color in them as well!

The Warm Audio WA273 is based on the Neve 1073 preamp and is pretty much a clone of it. With Warm Audio WA273 I am able to either record my synthesizers straight into my DAW via my interface or run my tracks through it later. Either way I get a warm colored sound that I have not perceived using any plugins that try to emulate Neve.

Warm Audio WA273

Check out the video below where I go into further detail concerning the Warm Audio WA273. Leave your comments below.

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