Mon. May 17th, 2021

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Behringer’s 808 Day!

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You read right! I think that Roland’s 808 Day should be re-named to Behringer’s 808 Day. Why? Because Roland dropped the ball. Instead of going back to their roots and giving what everyone wanted, that being an analog recreation of the original 808 drum machine, they instead made digital recreations of it. And to add insult to injury they even cloned those into new creations. Repackaging them and reselling them as a new idea.

Roland could have gotten it right by revamping the old school TR-808 and adding some modern day features to it. They could have stuck to making it analog. Instead they left the field wide up for Behringer to receive the winning touch down with their own recreation, the RD-8.

On top everything Roland announces a new headphone product on 808 day. WHAT? This again left Behringer a chance to announce to the world that their RD-8’s where shipping out to music stores. Again, Roland dropped the ball.

What do you think? Watch the video below and add your comments.

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