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ASM Hydrasynth

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ASM hits the ground running with their all new and all digital synthesizer, the ASM Hydrasynth. This is one beast of a machine and comes in at what I believe to be good price for such a good sounding machine.

Lets be clear though, there is nothing analog about the ASM Hydrasynth. In fact its sound come from an all digital signal path that drips with great sounding lfos and fast attacking envelopes.

The ASM Hydrasynth comes in two flavors, a full keyboard version and a compact module. Both contain the same synth engine and features. As of this writing the keyboard version retails for around $1299 and the Module for about $799.


The main thing I really want to say is that with all its goodness and sound quality and its ability to manipulate audio, the ASM Hydrasynth is no Waldorf Quantum. That’s not a slam on the ASM Hydrasynth but rather an observation. However, the Hydrasynth has a ton going for it and its priced way lower then the Quantum. Check out the video review below of the ASM Hydrasynth and then leave a comment telling what you think.

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